Me as a flower

Something about the iris has always felt very relatable to me. From a stick-straight stem, and tightly wound bud, emerges the most ridiculously ruffly and gorgeously colored flower. As someone who’s often switching back and forth between “business” and “party” mode (usually stuck in “business” gear, I’m not gonna lie) I find the iris a delightful reminder that everyone can be BOTH.

Favorite garden to lose yourself in

I love many gardens - the more idiosyncratic the better - but my hometown garden, the New York Botanical Garden, is my favorite. Something about being able to lose yourself in the old-growth trees of the Thain Family Forest or the tiny crevice-dwelling phlox of the Alpine Garden - even as you faintly hear cars speeding along the Bronx River Parkway - is really special as a NYC resident. Runners-up: the Bloedel Reserve, Wave Hill (also in NYC), Chanticleer, and Innisfree.

First experience with tarot

My first experience with tarot was probably in the false “psychic” storefront of Employees Only, a speakeasy in the West Village, with a friend.

Most significant tarot card

The Hanged Man is meaningful to me. Jessica Dore says of the Hanged Man: “Something turned on its head. The feet planted in the ethereal rather than material. Suspension, as in of judgment that bars us from claiming our gifts.” I’ve switched career paths many times in my life - often following an intuition that I needed to seek growth through some drastic change in my life. When I graduated college, I moved to Korea to spend a year with the Fulbright program teaching English.

A few years later, I left a cushy job at Google to assume a more senior role at a startup; two years from then I decided that I needed to invest in my creative self (it was around this time that I met Natalie!) and took a self-funded sabbatical to write and pursue botanical illustration.

Fast forward to today, and I’m so grateful for whatever mysterious courage has propelled me to change tack, even though my decision-making has baffled those around me. I have conviction that The Hanged Man has been watching over my every step.

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