The Journey Guide

You can sense the energy of plants and flowers, but they keep their own counsel...

Taking The Garden Journey won’t reveal to you what your day will be like, or give you step by step guidance on  how to manage that decision you’ve been dreading.

Instead, when you dedicate 15 minutes to The Garden Journey, you may be able to catch thoughts that had been hovering in the corners of your own conscious mind.  Your intuition is already there, waiting to be unfurled...


First, thank yourself for dedicating time and attention to this ritual. The Garden Journey is yours to approach however feels right to you.

Each time you take The Garden Journey, new details will catch your eye. Different colors will call to you. You may notice that the responses you have to a card have changed since the last time you drew it from the deck.

What, in turn, might that reveal about your state of mind and how it’s changed?


Using The Garden Journey as you would a traditional tarot deck means you’ll let the cards tell you a message. We don’t regard the practice of tarot as one of divination. Rather, we see it as a form of storytelling to yourself.

Card readings can help you clarify your innermost thoughts about a question or issue that is holding you back. Like the best kind of conversation with a trusted friend, the cards can help reveal glimpses of the feelings that lie beneath your conscious mind.


We also love to use the cards as totems - quiet visual reminders of intentions you’ve made or energy you want to expand on.

If a particular card speaks to you, you can use it as a totem to attract the kind of energy you are hoping to expand upon. Try placing that card in the place where you’ll get to enjoy it at the right moment and see what happens to your awareness.