The Creators

The creators of The Garden Journey, Natalie Soud and Joanne Yun, first met in New York in an evening illustration class at the School for Visual Arts.

They managed to keep in touch for more than five years as they each embarked on their own creative journeys - Joanne in botanical illustration and Natalie in branding strategy and design. The pair reconnected in the spring of 2019 and began to hatch a plan to develop and launch The Garden Journey.

Most of their creative collaboration that birthed The Garden Journey was done remotely between their homes in New York (Joanne) and Jacksonville (Natalie) during the 2020 pandemic.

The Garden Journey represents more than a year of their work to create an experience to help people connect more deeply with the natural world and develop faith in their intuition.

Natalie and Joanne dream of bringing more ideas to life as part of The Garden Journey and are excited to connect with everyone for whom the deck has struck a chord.